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Scientific Name: Felis Catus

Lifespan: 12-16 Years

Origin: Myanmar (MMR)



The Birman cat is a charming and stylish breed famend for its stunning appearance and gentle demeanor. This pussycat splendor boasts luscious, semi-lengthy fur, a pointed coloration sample, and entrancing blue eyes that radiate regal grace. A unique characteristic that sets Birmans aside is their contrasting white paws, regularly likened to "gloves," enhancing their universal allure. Sporting a medium to huge-sized, nicely-muscled, and sturdy body, Birmans show off a silky coat that needs slight grooming to preserve its high-priced sheen. However, the Birman's attraction extends past its strik... Read More


  • Height

    22-25 cm / 9-10 Inches

  • Weight

    4-7 kg / 9-15 Pounds

  • Length

    45-55 cm / 18-22 Inches

  • Color


  • Height

    22-25 cm / 9-10 Inches

  • Weight

    4-6 kg / 9-13 Pounds

  • Length

    45-55 cm / 18-22 Inches

  • Color

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Hot: 18 to 24 °C

Cold: 10 to 24 °C


1K to 3K USD

Bite Force

80 to 100 PSI


Jump: 4-5 Feet

Run: 20-25 Miles per hour (32-40 km/h)

Origin Description

The Birman Cat is understood for its beautiful semi-longhair coat, colour-point markings, and deep blue eyes. Originating in Burma, Birmans aren't handiest visually striking but even have a gentle and friendly temperament. Their silky coat doesn't mat effortlessly, making grooming a enormously easy assignment. Regular care, a balanced weight-reduction plan, and right interest contribute to the nicely-being of Birman cats, making them loved companions for families.

Just like other carnivorous cats, Birmans require a weight-reduction plan that helps their dietary desires. The breed's specific coloration-point sample and highly-priced coat have made it a favourite amongst cat fans. Responsible ownership and normal veterinary take a look at-u.S.Make certain a protracted and satisfied existence for these swish pussycats.


The Birman cat stands out as a putting and fascinating breed, no longer only for its unique look but additionally for its captivating records. Often referred to as the "Sacred Cat of Burma," this tom cat possesses a distinct pointed colour sample, providing darker fur on the ears, face, paws, and tail, at the same time as the body continues a lighter coloration. Notably, the Birman's regal and elegant demeanor is enhanced via the contrasting white "gloves" on each paw and the spell binding blue eyes, regularly defined as sapphire or deep blue, adding an air of mystique to its spell binding gaze.

In addition to its super seems, the Birman cat boasts a medium to big-sized, muscular, and nicely-proportioned frame. The semi-long fur is soft and silky, mendacity near the frame, requiring normal however potential grooming to preserve it in top condition. While Birmans come in various shade variations, along with seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, pink, and cream, the blue-eyed pointed sample remains the maximum recognized and sought-after, contributing to the breed's appeal.