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Bite Force

pounce brilliance of harrier dog

A Harrier dog's bite force can be anything from two hundred to three hundred pounds per square inch (PSI). A dog's bite force is an indicator of its possible power while biting or grabbing things; it is the force exerted by the jaws of the dog.

Factors including a dog's size, jaw anatomy, and genes determine how much bite force falls within this range. To be fair, some dog breeds are selectively designed for particular jobs, like protection or bite work, and harriers aren't exactly known for their powerful jaws.

The amiable and skilled hunter is the medium-sized dog breed known as the harrier. Although there may not be easily accessible data regarding the biting force of Harriers, it should be noted that even within a breed, there can be variation in bite force among individual dogs.

Unlike several other breeds intended for defense or guarding duties, harriers do not typically have a very powerful bite force. Discussions regarding breeds with powerful bite forces often bring up dogs like the German Shepherd and the Kangal.

A dog's bite force is just one indicator of its temperament and behavior; there are many other aspects that influence how a dog acts and interacts with people and other animals.