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Place To Sleep

cozy canine nap nook for hokkaido dog

Bedding: Select a bed that fits the size of the room in Hokkaido and offers sufficient support. Orthopaedic beds or orthopedic memory foam beds can be helpful, particularly for senior dogs or those dealing with joint problems. Ensure the bed is adequately cushioned and provides protection from chilly or firm surface.

Consider a location away from high foot traffic or loud noises that may disrupt their sleep. Providing a sense of security and privacy can help your dog feel more relaxed during their rest time.

Cleanliness: Keep your Hokkaido's sleeping area clean and free from dirt, debris, and odours. For optimal hygiene and freshness, wash the bed covering or mattress coverings regularly as directed by the company that makes them.

Ensure proper air circulation and maintain the right temperature in the sleeping space. It's important to ensure that dogs have a sleeping area that maintains a comfortable temperature to prevent thermal shock. It might be helpful to modify the sleeping area according to the different seasons.

Personalized: Having a specific area that a dog can call their own might be helpful for certain pets. Provide blankets, pillows, or toys that are familiar to them, as this can create a sense of familiarity and comfort. Personalising the sleeping area with their scent or items they associate with relaxation can help them feel more secure.

Hokkaido dogs generally rest for around 12-14 hours daily, with individual variations in sleep requirements. Younger dogs may need less sleep compared to puppies and older breeds who may need more rest due to their age.

It's important to ensure your Hokkaido has a cozy and tidy sleeping space to support their general wellness and health. Providing a comfortable space for them to relax can make them feel at ease and prepared for rest.

cozy canine nap nook for hokkaido dog