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majestic korean bobtail cat posing elegantly

Scientific Name: Felis Catus

Lifespan: 9-15 Years

Origin: Japan (JPN)

Korean Bobtail


The Korean Bobtail cat is a unique form of cat that sticks out because of its quick, bobbed tail and charming appearance. It has an extended file related to Korean tradition and recollections, which makes it without a doubt interesting. People in Korea see those cats as symbols of unique excellent fortune and achievement. The maximum principal element concerning them is their quick tail, which comes from a herbal change of their genes. This tail is generally only some inches lengthy and frequently has a chunk bend or curve, which makes it even greater precise. These cats have bodies which migh... Read More


  • Height

    20-25 cm / 8-10 Inches

  • Weight

    3.6-5.4 kg / 8-12 Pounds

  • Length

    45-60 cm / 18-24 Inches

  • Color


  • Height

    20-25 cm / 8-10 Inches

  • Weight

    2.7-4.5 kg / 6-10 Pounds

  • Length

    45-60 cm / 18-24 Inches

  • Color

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Hot: 32 to 37 °C

Cold: 0 to 2 °C


500 to 1.50K USD

Bite Force

40 to 50 PSI


Jump: 4-6 Feet

Run: 12-19 Miles per hour (20-30 km/h)

Origin Description

The Korean Bobtail is a form of puppy cat with a quick tail that certainoccu surs. This tail may be right away, bent, or twisted, but it in no way grows longer thainch shes. Korean Bobtails are recognized for being first-class aplayf lful. They also are clever and can be skilleffortlessly.

These cats come from Korea and were famous there for many years. People have acknowledged approximately them for the 14th century, as they may be mentioned in vintage Korean reminiscences and writings. In the Sixties, Korean Bobtails commenced being delivered to the United States, and due to the reality then, increasingly more human beings have started out liking them.


The Korean Bobtail cat is a unique breed with a captivating mix of records, precise appearances, and fascinating character developments. What makes this breed truly stand out is its brief, bobbed tail, which comes from a natural genetic alternate. The tail is usually approximately one to four inches lengthy and can bend or be stiff. It's often a bit curved or kinked, giving the cat its exceptional appearance.

Aside from their tail, Korean Bobtails have a nicely-proportioned and swish frame. They're medium-sized cats with a elegant posture that shows their agility. Their heads are formed like triangles, with large, almond-formed eyes which can be available in specific shades, making them very expressive. Their ears are alert and feature barely rounded pointers, which gives their customary appeal.